Rubyroom is a full-screen text editor. Full screen gives you a complete workspace for your text, and nothing else. No IM windows popping up, no more "you got mail" small animations on the background that take away your concentration.


I am pretty sure the picture speaks for itself.

A shot from the latest (v0.3) version.

From v0.2:



Why RubyRoom ?

RubyRoom is a clone of WriteRoom, of DarkRoom, of JDarkRoom. WriteRoom is for Mac, DarkRoom for Windows (.net), JDarkRoom for Java. But JDarkRoom told me it could not get fullscreen on my linux box. So if I wanted to have such editor, I could tune any existing complete editor (vi, emacs, gedit...), but I said to myself: "Hey, you could do that in a snap!". One hour later, RubyRoom was born.

And after one year of "you know, stuff that are time consuming", I got a mail with a lot of changes made to RubyRoom by Alexander Rødseth, so it's time for v0.3!


RubyRoom requires ruby-gnome2 (and ruby, hehe).


You can get the latest files from the project page.

What to do next

See also...

Duby, a disk space usage viewer I (Alexis) am also developping.


RubyRoom is released under the GPL2.

RubyRoom is hosted on Rubyforge.


You, Your text, and Yourself